Counselling: How Talking Can Beat Depression and Anxiety

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How Counselling Can Help People With Psychological Trauma.

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One of the reasons that people undergo counselling is to seek trauma treatment. People experience trauma due to various reasons. For instance, one may experience it as a result of an accident, losing a loved one, divorcing their partner, illness or sexual or physical abuse. Not everyone who undergoes a traumatic ordeal gets traumatised. Some people will easily adjust back to normalcy. On the other hand, not every traumatised person realises that they are traumatised. Below are a few ways to know if you are traumatised.

  • You are constantly reliving the distressing event. You may have nightmares or experience flashes of the traumatic incident during the day.
  • Some people will avoid things, people and places that remind them of the traumatic event.
  • Traumatised people may also have constant anxiety as if something terrible is just about to happen.
  • You may also experience feelings of guilt and shame, which may make you keep a distance from the people that care about you. You may also have low levels of self-esteem.
  • Some people will indulge in drug abuse as a way of trying to cope with anxiety, guilt and shame.
  • Trauma can also be characterised by intense emotions such as anger and sadness. It may also lead to emotional numbness.
  • In severe situations, traumatised people may lose their self-worth and attempt to commit suicide.

If you have any of these symptoms, then it is time to visit a professional counsellor who will help you overcome the trauma. Below are a few ways that the counsellor will help you. 

  • The counsellor will help you acknowledge your trauma. This is important as traumatised people live in denial, which only worsens the trauma.
  • The counsellor will help you identify value and purpose for your life. For instance, you may want to perform better in the workplace or even become a better parent.
  • Counselling aims at increasing the individual's self-confidence and giving them a sense of self-worth. As such, you are likely to have increased levels of self-esteem which may help you face your fears.
  • The counsellor will help you overcome self-defeating behaviours such as alcoholism or even bad friendships that may be taking a toll on your life.
  • Counselling can help you re-write your story. Once you are healed, you have an opportunity to gain control over your life and repair broken relationships. 

If you are experiencing trauma, it is crucial for you to seek counselling support services. A good counsellor will help you overcome the trauma and take control of your life.